Research and Development

IRAP Canada supported the model testing at NRC Ottawa by making their hydraulic laboratory facilities freely available to us, and also in paying for the Golder Associates personnel who supervised and reported on the testing.

Nilex Inc, the American based ground improvement contractor, supported the development and field testing of the Mk II Phoenix Machine hardware. Garey Tomlinson, their Construction Manager played a key part at the Myra Falls site, acting the role of "the backhoe operator".

Rick Fearn of Fab–Form Industries was a great help to me during the Myra Falls work.

Professor Yogi Vaid conducted the confirmatory testing referred to in Parts 1 and 2 of "the Water in the Soil" at his Soil Mechanics facilities on the University of British Columbia campus in Vancouver.

The remainder of our R & D efforts over the years were financed through our own engineering cash flow.


Gulf Canada Resources provided the photograph of the ice-bound Molikpaq platform.

The great shot of the swirling stratigraphy was given to me by geologist about 35 years ago – I would be glad if someone could tell me who that was.