Terms of Access

In general, we plan to license our hardware for use with a specific problem we feel our hardware can help with.  Our current policy regarding deployment/use of our proprietary equipment by a third party is as follows:

When Phoenix is approached, we will request sufficient information regarding the facts pertaining to the project and the improvement goal of the client before assessing our ability to ameliorate the problem with one or a combination of our tools.

We would not issue a licence if we believed our equipment was unlikely to be of real benefit, or if we were of the opinion some other hardware manufacturer's tool was more appropriate.

If, on the other hand, be believed we could help solve the problem we would proceed as follows:

After this, we will wait for the client's engineer to carry out post-treatment soil investigation testing to determine if the pre-defined criteria for ground improvement had been achieved.

Presuming performance criteria are met, it would then be left to the client's engineers to specify the array spacing and withdrawal rate to apply for site-wide implementation of the solution.

In such cases of mutual satisfaction a license would be issued to an acceptable general contractor or mining operation. This would authorize machine use over a specific period of time for this specific project.

All of our costs for the above, starting from site visit on, to be paid for by the client.